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Glossy Reflection and Refraction Shaders Updated for 3Delight for Softimage 3.0.9

A while back I wrote a couple of custom shaders for 3Delight for Softimage, in which I had to rely on a few hacks to get 3Delight to see the RenderMan shader implementation files that I was using. And it worked just fine for a while.

Version 3.0.9 of 3Delight for Softimage was released a little while ago, and it introduced a better, more robust way to distribute customs shaders. But that also meant that my hacks no longer worked.

Fortunately it turned out that the fix was easy to implement. So without further ado, here’s the improved, 3.0.9-compatible glossy reflection and refraction shaders for 3Delight for Softimage:

Someone also asked me if I could provide a demo scene that shows these shaders in action. And I’m glad to oblige:


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