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Softimage Icons For Your Windows 7 Taskbar

I usually keep two versions of Softimage installed on my computer: the current version and whatever version that preceded it. I also keep the shortcuts to both versions pinned to my Windows 7 taskbar for easy access. But since both of them use the same icon, it usually takes me a fraction of a second to decide which version I want to launch.

So to make things easier, I made a few icons to help me tell them apart. Here’s what my taskbar looks like at the moment:

Softimage Windows 7 Taskbar icons

I’m not sure how many microseconds I’ll be saving every day because of those shortcuts, but at least it looks better than two identical icons next to each other.

Here are the icons for Softimage 2010, 2011.5, and 2012 in case someone else wants to use them:





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